Hi, I'm Camila, nice to meet you :)

My purpose is to train work teams in being able to achieve their objectives under any circumstance, building a healthy, strong and pleasant working environment.

I see a business ecosystem formed by efficient, competent and satisfied teams, through care and work in the human aspects of any project, in the same way that financial, operational, or strategic aspects are taken care of and worked on.

Welcome to Teamfullness project.

Team = Two or more people working together. From my point of view, with shared goals.

Fullness = The state of being complete or whole. In my opinion, necessary status in order to develop all the potential inside a group of people.

To practice Teamfullness is team working with shared goals, in a way that allows people to develop all their potential, and to feel complete and fulfilled.

In project management I usually see how almost all the resources (time & money) are directed to define and monitor compliance with deadlines and specifications. Teams and leaders dedicate almost no resources to care about how the people who is going to execute the work is feeling about the project: enthusiastic, motivated, indifferent, angry... And the last point really makes a difference in the results of the project, no matter how good were the planification and the follow-up of the project.

My strategy is based on promoting and proposing a simple and effective methodology to guarantee that the team is capable of executing any work in an excellent way, using the full potential of the people who compose it.

The Teamfullness Project includes all the initiatives related to this strategy, which I am currently implementing in all the projects in which I participate. On this website, I invite you to:

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