About me

I could tell you many things; after all, the timid love to talk about themselves ;) Here I stick to the most relevant, given that you can find all the details about my career in my LinkedIn profile.

I became a chemical engineer at the Polytechnic of Valencia thanks to my interest in science. I lived two years in Milan (Italy) where I also graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan. My desire to understand the part of business that exists after creating an innovative product impelled me to do the master's degree in Innovation and Development of Business Projects.

I speak English, Portuguese and Italian and I am an unconditional backpacker, so I'm very keen on multidisciplinary and multicultural work teams. In my professional career I have developed projects in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cambodia, Malaysia, Turkey and Mauritius.

In my opinion, "Innovation is what moves the world" and I need a good dose of challenge in my life, so since 2008 my professional career has been dedicated to R&D, first as a researcher in semi-private and private companies, and then as a funding manager for R&D projects.

In 2013 I was aware for the first time of the human dimension of corporate work teams, and of the power of working on it to facilitate the well-being and the fulfillment of objectives in the teams. The Teamfullness Project was born then.

Within the work teams of which I am a part, both in the corporate sector and in other areas, I have developed different actions, such as the ones I explain below:

  • I have performed processes for groups in 2018, whose opinions you can read in the opinions section.
  • In the image below, I am co-facilitating the working session of the Presentation of results of the Continuous Improvement Committee of Incotec, for a team of 60 people, in October of 2017.
  • I am also an active member of the Escuela TejeRedes:

The hangout recording is available in the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF10Xs5ddLU

My value proposal is based on the fusion of my experience in development and management of engineering, research and / or product development projects, with my know-how of 'team engineering', regarding to relationships, roles, communication and emotions of corporate work teams. Although I have my own methodology, I have been inspired by the following regulated training in the field of teams:

  • CORAOPS Executive Coaching Institute.

- Advanced Course of Executive Coaching. Level I, 60h.

- Advanced Course on Systemic Team Coaching. 100h + 30h practice.

Programs accredited by ICF and AECOP.

- Part 1, Concepts, methodology and TejeRedes techniques, 60h.

- Part 2, Use of TejeRedes social technologies, 30h.

  • Specific individual competence development, in progress. Accumulated 20h.

I also continue to to expand my knowledge in a self-taught and experiential way. Among the people who inspire me through books, workshops, conferences, webinars ... I highlight Daniel Goleman, Andrea Lages, Joseph O'Connor, Robert Dilts, César Piqueras, Cristian Figueroa, Leonardo Wolk, Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, Rafael Echeverría, Pilar Jericó, Peter Senge, Dr. Max McKeown, Frédéric Laloux... And much more :)