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Teamfullness services

1) Accompaniment for work teams

Facilitation of practical processes to cover the needs of the team, such as: organization of work to do and tasks, work environment, motivation, communication, roles, change management, ... or any other specific demand. Duration of the sessions and program to be determined according to the complexity of the topics to be worked on.

2) Project management

Connection between the different stakeholders or participants in a project. Establishment of the objective of the project. Preparation of the action plan, monitoring of milestones until achievement of the project goals. Care for motivation, communication and other human associated to the life of the project.

3) Powerful meetings

Space to talk up to one hour in order to: get to know each other, share ideas, concerns, knowledge. Due to the generative power of language, a conversation can bring solutions, synergies and new projects.

Face-to-face format or videoconference depending on location.

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Camila Hurtado

Team engineering