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Some samples and opinions of my latest Teamfullness actions. Last update October 2018.

Co-facilitation in tejeRedes LAB. Barcelona, Spain.

Active listening and empathy exercise with 70 people. Moment in which, after the exercise, the participants decide to remove the barriers (of tape) of that divided them by units of work, in order to be a single unit.

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Collaboration in the innovation Hackathon Innova & Acción Business Challenge 2018.

Simultaneous guardianship of two teams of participants, in collaboration with their expert mentor and another collaborator, for the planification and monitoring of the work, using Scrum methodology.

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Co-facilitation at the annual convention of the companies Incotec - Adigest . Barceló Hotel, Valencia, Spain.

Exercise in which the 84 people of the team of Incotec and Adigest designed their desired work environment, after their process of business merger.


Meta-competencies check-in.Personal development process in group. Valencia (Spain)

"​(Regarding the learning about teams) Their high complexity they can reach. The difficulties on managing them. The importance of doing it properly."

​​"The process has undoubtedly aligned us to the achievement of the objective."

"Day-to-day connection with dream = goal.​"

F., CIO / IT Manager

"(Regarding the changes observed in the team) An increase on the ability to organize, to award deadlines, to be able to draw up a measurable plan of action, to solve problems, to compensate and balance processes, and to identify toxic situations.

(About the impact of the process on the team's results) Important. Oriented to achieve clear objectives, learning new tools, and ability to identify strengths and weaknesses. "

L., Journalist

"In the end we have activated mechanisms (tools, skills, knowledge, ...) that allow us to face team tasks and relate to each other with more synchrony and empathy."

"We have worked on an identity and on our needs to be solved or addressed through a team objective, I especially liked that part."

"Setting goals based on a dream that feed your challenges, generates actions that can thrive in habits and that is one of my goals."

A., Business and marketing development

"I believe that many team members have learned to manage change. They have learned to deal better or more positively with situations that they did not handle so well before".

"(About the impact of the process on the team). The members of the team are now more assertive and are more aware of how they will react before communicating."

V., Founder of ZipZapTiger Marketing online

Journey from Toxic Land to Productive Land. Personal development process in group. Valencia (Spain)

"The process has helped me to share coldly different situations, mainly in the toxins (of communication) in which we can have now a different attitude."

"There has been a change in the form of seeing things, mainly the negative ones, tending more to take them from another point of view (humor) and face them in a colder way".

(About the impact of the process on the team) Realize to make analysis of the situation in a cooler way, and assess metacompetencies to face potential future problems.

D. Expansion and operations director

"(Regarding the learning about teams) How to identify the mechanisms that interfere in the proper functioning, in order to set up solutions."

"We have made practical exercises with real situations in which we have been able to identify communication "toxins" or defense mechanisms that have interfered in our professional practice, and how to handle them with strengths."

"We improved on freedom and ease in our communication and expression."

"We have been able to easily reach a common point."

M., 4th year Medical resident of the psychiatry service at the General Universitary Hospital of Valencia